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Satsumii3   Suite de l'histoire ; en anglais 1 02/04/11 à 22:39

Voilà, ma prof d'anglais nous demandé d'écrire un récit indien en trois partie. (le tout ne doit pas être très long.)
J'ai commencé à écrire ceci :

Everything started when Tintawe arrived in town....
Strange things began to happen, animals like buffalos disappeared, tipies were destroyed and each day, a new person went missing....
The Chamallow clan was very , very, very worried.... Everyone was looking for Tintawe because, everybody thought that Tintawe was the reason for all these strange events. They decided to search for Tintawe and to end up this whole story. They crossed the Glacial Country, up the Sunset Mountain, they even looked for Tintawe under every single rock of the town XWhat they forgot to do was to look for Tintawe in their own clan

Mais je n'arrive pas à trouver une suite, j'aimerais quelque chose d’inattendu, de surprenant alors, si vous avez des idées, n'hésitez pas !

Merci beaucoup à tout ceux qui m'aideront ! Bonne soirée Smile

Suite de l'histoire ; en anglais 1/1 02/04/2011 à 22:49
So they went away to fetch Tintawe. He was really hard to find. In fact, he was just in front of their eyes.
Easier is harder.
Tintawe was hiding in the tribe chief's tipie. Although the great master said he didn't know where Tintawe was, it came that he was the one hiding him. Tintawe was afraid. He was trapped in a cage...
And the day after, the master went missing. He never returned from the hunt.
So everyone went to find him. And they found him.
The master was treating with the envaders, the horrible English who were killing Chamallows for centurys.
He was charged to kill his whole tribe, and against this horrible task he would earn money.
That was the beginning of the great war between the mighty Chamallows and the English.
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