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dapril15 m'aidez en anglais!! 4 30/05/05 à 20:19

Voilà, je sais que c'est long mais si vs vs y connaissez bien en english j'aimerais juste savoir si il n'y a pas qqch qui cloche dans mon texte (mauvais verbe, oubli d'un mot), aidez moi please!

Aphrodite is known as the Greek Goddess (Roman Venus) of love, desire, beauty, fertility, the sea, and vegetation. According to Homère, it is daughter of Zeus and Dione, but according to the legend, it would have been born from the marine foam (aphros) formed around the genitals of the Ouranos god, when it fell into the sea, cut by his son, Cronos. There are many other tales of Aphrodite, as her Roman name is Venus, she is also known as the daughter of Zeus and Dione.

Family life
In Homeric legend Aphrodite was forced to marry the ugly god of fire, Hephaestus, with this marriage, she had hoped to reach the freedom she needed instead of being controlled. Aphrodite was very independent and constantly in search for a new lover. One of her more familiar lovers was Ares, the god of war, whom she later married. Aphrodite felt no pain by misleading her husband, as she flourished in the fact that she could have anyone and everyone, love and admire her. Aphrodite has had many miscellaneous children as a result of her whimsical affairs, but a few of her more familiar ones are, Eros (god of Love), Antéros (the love in return), deimos and Phobos (the terror and the fear).
The most famous legend of Aphrodite is the beginning of the Trojan War. Aphrodite was among two other goddess, Hera and Athena, invited to the marriage of King Peleus. Eris the goddess of the discord was outraged not to be invited. It came nevertheless to the marriage and threw a gold apple in the medium of the marriage with writing on this apple "the justest". Immediately, Héra, Athena and Aphrodite claimed the apple. She then asked Zeus who should receive apple. Zeus did not want to choose among the 3 goddess, then it asked in Paris, prince de Trojan, to choose among it. Each goddess offered in Paris a gift to help it to choose. Hera offered wisdom, Athena to him, the power and Aphrodite the love of the most beautiful woman of the world, Helen. Helen however was the wife of Greek King Menelaus, thus her removal led to the Trojan War.

The Roman god Mars is identified with the Greek god Ares. He was very important to the Romans because he was the father of Romulus and Remus, the mythical founders of Rome. Mars knew a much greater popularity among Romans than among Greeks, undoubtedly because the Romans venerated the warlike virtues more than the Greeks.

Mars is the god of the war but he is also the god of the vegetation, the god of spring, because it is at the end of the winter which begins the warlike activities.

Mars was the son of Juno, Jupiter's wife. Jupiter had given birth to the Minerva goddess by making it leave by his head. Juno was jealous of this event,
was addressed to cultivated Flore, goddess gardens and fields, which gave him a magic flower whose simple contact made a woman fertile.

Rhéa Silvia became vestal because of her uncle Amulius. She however gives birth to Romulus and Remus and tells that their father is Mars. She was imprisoned and Romulus and Remus were put in the Tiber. They were then collected by a she-wolf and Rome was founded later. It is the only Roman legend over Mars, the other legends are Greek.

During the Trojan War, it fights with Troyens. He is made beat by Heroes like Heracles and also by the Minerve goddess who is more intelligent. It had many children but they all were malicious, violent one...

Primarily Mars was invoked for battle and all things associated with war. For obvious reasons he was a favourite among soldiers in the Roman army.
Confused Confused

m'aidez en anglais!! 1/4 30/05/2005 à 18:47
en gros ca me semble bon , meme tres bon , je crois , ms je suis pas sure ms a certain "other" ca serai pas others , fin chui pas sure
m'aidez en anglais!! 2/4 30/05/2005 à 19:00
C très bien mais il y a tt de même quelques fautes:

-Family life Family life
In Homeric legend... Arrow In the Homeric legend...

-...invited. It came... Arrow ...invited. She came...

-...in the medium of the marriage... Arrow ... in the middle of the mariage...

Après il y a les accents, il faut pas oublier que les anglais n'utilise pas d'accents donc tu les enlève même pour les noms.

Voilà c tt, si t'as encore besoin d'aide tu me le demande, il y a pas de prob.
Faire la biz
m'aidez en anglais!! 3/4 30/05/2005 à 19:03
merciiiiii boccccoouuuuuuuupppp!!! vs êtes des anges Innocent Very Happy
m'aidez en anglais!! 4/4 30/05/2005 à 20:19
Pour other, tu as raison, il n'ya pas de "s" parce que c'est un adjectif, don invariable.
Et parcontre, il me semble que tu dois dire "goddess of love...sea..." et pas "the sea". (je suis pas sure de moi !)
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